About Us

The I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition grew out of The Cascades Conservation Partnership, a four-year campaign that has played a lead role in acquiring and protecting over 34,000 acres of forest habitat since May 2000. Most of the protected lands are in the immediate vicinity of the I-90 project area. Conservation Northwest is the administering organization for this coalition.

Our coalition’s mission is to advocate for high quality wildlife connectivity measures in the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project, while ensuring the habitat adjacent to these structures contributes to their success.  We have attracted a diverse set of organizational members and other forms of support. This list will be updated as additional organizations an businesses indicate their support.


Charlie Raines, Coalition Director, info@i90wildlifebridges.org

Jen Watkins, Coalition Coordinator, jwatkins@conservationnw.org

Coalition endorsing organizations

Coalition Endorsing Businesses

Want to add your organization or business’s name to the list?  Contact us at info@i90wildlifebridges.org

We work with many other partners with a common interest in further the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project.

The coalition submits our financials through the Conservation Northwest board as Conservation Northwest is our 501c3 fiscal sponsor organization.