Fish and wildlife monitoring in the I-90 corridor informed project design, and ultimately will help us understand the impact of the improvements made to the highway.  Our coalition helped to launch to important monitoring efforts that continue today:  I-90 Wildlife Watch and the Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project.

I-90 Wildlife Watch

Deer crossing under I-90 in the Gold Creek wildlife underpass. Photo credit: WSDOT

I-90 Wildlife Watch is a collaborative information sharing website serving dual purposes:

  1. Collecting reports of live and dead wildlife sightings along I-90 in the Snoqualmie Pass region of Washington state from motorists. The data motorists provide will allow public agencies and conservation groups information about the movement of wildlife within the I-90 corridor.
  2. Sharing the results from multi-party fish and wildlife monitoring in the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project area and surrounding habitat.

Visit to learn more.

Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project

Volunteers from a citizen wildlife monitoring team installing cameras during the winter.

In 2006 in partnership with Wilderness Awareness School and Conservation Northwest, the I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition helped to launch a wildlife monitoring program that put people out into the field to help us better understand wildlife movement and animal presence in the I-90 wildlife corridor and throughout the Cascades with remote cameras and snowtracking.  This program continues today as a statewide Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project led by Conservation Northwest that maintains remote cameras and snowtracking in the I-90 corridor.  Learn more by visiting the program page.


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