Additional 80 acres of habitat conserved in I-90

View from Keechelus Ridge including Mount Rainier. Photo credit: Charlie Raines

This week, local land conservation organization Forterra announced a deal to secure 80 forested acres along Keechelus Ridge, just east of Snoqualmie Pass.

They report while modest in size, this parcel punches above its weight class in terms of ecological importance because it connects to a larger string of secured keystone lands that provide critical wildlife habitat in the cascades, including for endangered species like the northern spotted owl.

Keechelus 6 (so-named because it’s their sixth project along the ridge) is near the wildlife bridges in the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East Project. The new bridges allow grizzly bear, grey wolf, bull trout and other species to safely cross the freeway that otherwise severs the wildlife corridor that runs north and south.

“Our partners at Forterra continue to conserve lands near I-90, protecting important habitat in this critical wildlife corridor. This property is just a mile from the wildlife overpass being constructed near Keechelus Dam,” said Charlie Raines, I-90 Wildlife Bridges Coalition director.

This land was secured with federal dollars from the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund.


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